6th Oct – Class Notes

Bruce Weber

Herb Ritz

Autograph Gallery

Norman Parkinson

Every Thursday – ES Magazine – commissions


  • online and offline sources
  • analyse photos that inspire you
  • books, films, publications, TV, Blogs etc.
  • SWOT analysis (always finish with this)

WordPress Account

Stanley Greene

Week 4 – Formative Assessment

  • WordPress must be up and running
  • Instagram workshop

Week 5 – Gallery Visits

Ellen Von Unwerth

Week 6 – Enhancement Week

Richard Everdon

Week 7 – Selling Your Skills

  • portfolios
  • pro bodies
  • copyright, your rights
  • agents

Week 8 – Business Knowledge

  • running a photoshoot

Week 9 – Business Knowledge

  • getting paid

Seamus Murphy

Week 10 – Hand in essay

  • powerpoint presentation in class
  • peer to peer feedback

Sarah Moon

Robert Mapplethorpe

Ask other photographers for help

Must have a website by the end of term 3

Make new instagram


AOP Awards

Capture One

Advertising Photography = pays a lot


  • Fashion
  • Documentary
  • Still Life
  • Social
  • Advertising
  • Editorial
  • Food

Go and see exhibitions

Photography Blogs






Photographers Who make Photo Films

  • Jimmy Chin
  • Chase Jarvis
  • Mura Masa

Online Workbooks


Vanity Fair






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