Jo-Anna Rohmann – Digi Op Talk Notes

Digi OP

  • Best routes into the industry
  • Build up contacts while
  • Get to know the equipment
  • Learn while doing the job
  • long hours
  • often late payments


  • make things run smoothly
  • there to help
  • service role, accommodating
  • don’t be late

Beginning of shoot

  • check equipment
  • make tea
  • keep set timing
  • sort music
  • catering
  • ask where things should be (setup)

End of shoot

  • turn lighting and equipment off
  • start packing up

Starting as a runner is easier

Role of an assistant

  • set up and control
  • make notes of setups (including all lighting)
  • power supply
  • ensure safety on set
  • general assistance
  • coordination of gear delivery and pick up

Role of a Digi Op

  • camera
  • backing up files constantly
  • troubleshoot
  • star ratings
  • export files
  • create styles
  • retouching
  • mood boards
  • calibration of printers and monitors
  • decide on location for digi station
  • set up mac and monitor
  • check space on mac
  • setup backup software
  • check and clean gear
  • empty batch que if needed
  • check if shots have changed (lighting)
  • double check data is backed up

– Take part in Phase One course in second year


  • intern/runner
  • studio assistant
  • rental house
  • full time assistant
  • freelance assistant
  • email CV and write a good cover letter
  • mention shots that you like
  • direct mail is better

get a liability insurance

Capture One – Industry Standard Software




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