Indiana Petrucci – Digi Op Talk Notes

  • Being an assistant is the quickest route to get into the industry area you want to work in
  • you learn a lot from working and assisting
  • advertising = £££
  • teamwork is very important

People who work together in this particular area of the industry

  • photographers
  • assistants
  • art directors
  • graphic designers
  • food stylists
  • prop stylists
  • writers

Benefits of working as an assistant

  • network of people
  • you get your foot in the door
  • no need to cold call
  • relationships with agents
  • portfolio critiques
  • learn a lot of skills on the job
  • get to use studio equipment


  • assistants are first to arrive and last to leave
  • start to work experience as soon as possible
  • look for internships and work experience
  • shadow photographers
  • shoot your own personal work
  • try new things
  • get involved
  • show people that you care
  • be alert
  • ask questions
  • always be helpful
  • show your ability
  • don’t give up!
  • make a list photographers, stylists & agents from the credits in magazines
  • payed more for being a digi-op
  • choose a photographer to assist that you like
  • do internships in the summer
  • average day rate for assistant is £100
  • average day rate for digi-op is £250

Tech Skills – Need to know

  • capture one
  • photoshop
  • lighting
  • kit knowledge
  • how to do different lighting setups

Good Places for equipment

  • pixi pixel
  • profoto
  • the flash centre
  • China & co
  • Car Boot Sales

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