Class Notes – 14th March 

Project Breif 

Create a composite photograph

  • Human portrait
  • Landscape exterior
  • At least one coffee cup

Shot must comprise of a minimum of three shots

  • One studio shot
  • One still life
  • An exterior location shot

Final shot has to be able to crop in two ways

  • DPS
  • Single Page

DPS : 460mm x 300mm 300ppi

Single Page : 230mm x 300mm 300ppi

Final image should be striking, and clearly not look like one shot

Look at Lavazza website (use as workbook research)

Look at areas outside photography for research

Look at:

  • Philippe Halsman
  • Heronimus Bosch
  • Goya
  • MC Escher
  • Salvador Dali
  • Peter Greenway
  • Federiro Fellini
  • David Lynch

Save project as .psb file


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