Class Notes and Initial Ideas Feedback

  • check printing size for this project
  • might be A3 with a border to show aspect ratio of final composite


  • look at I Am Legend 
  • dystopian future
  • Honey I shrunk the kids (comical)
  • needs strong idea
  • what are the cups representing?
  • who is the subject
  • what are they doing/feeling
  • finding and developing a character
  • broaden research
  • national gallery
  • surrealist art
  • other art forms
  • inspirations from different areas
  • more research on workbook
  • show sketches that relate to/back up research
  • character could be searching for coffee
  • backpacker
  • look at video games (fallout)
  • ruins/ancient city
  • cracked cups/architecture
  • David Lachapelle
  • shoot background first – more uncontrollable elements
  • look up rocks/stones
  • remember to do test shots to see what works and what dosen’t
  • go to drop in sessions for technical help
  • shoot original in a square (1:1) to allow crop for dps and single page



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