Tutorial Notes – 3/5/17

  • casting is crucial
  • need to do location scouting
  • more research needs to be done for character in the composite
  • might need an MUA
  • Annie Leibovitz
  • Storm Studios
  • 230mm height
  • make master template 300 dpi
  • new layer half the size
  • crop single page out of the double page spread

Good use of composition

As the title suggests I like the composition. I think this image works well as a DPS as well as being cropped as a single page image. I’ll keep this in mind when creating my composite.

This photograph is by Sylvain Biard, found in RPS The Journal

Composite campaign – Swatch

I found this campaign in ES and Stylist.¬†I like how the watches wrap around the models in a creative way which I believe the message is that the watch wraps around the person as if the the watch itself acts like a piece of clothing. As much as I like this concept, I’m not sure how I could do something similar with a coffee cup. Maybe I could have my subject/model inside the cup, or have them interacting with it in some way that mimics the shape of the cup? Or is that a bit weird?