Tutorial Notes – 11/5/17

  • try different approaches
  • different times of day
  • try oxford circus, crossing
  • go late when sky is still blue
  • colours work better than black and white
  • maybe try a really long exposure (20 mins)
  • find busiest places in London
  • still vs movingĀ (new title?)
  • can print book at ravensbourne
  • start editing book – indesign
  • think about title and layout of book
  • more research

Colour vs Black & White

Not sure how I feel about both to be honest. I think the images that work better in colour are the ones where the subject is still while elements are moving. It’s easier to understand what is going on in the image, whereas with black ad white, I believe the image becomes more of an abstract blur.

Maybe I could include both colour and black and white images in the final book. I’ll come to a final decision when I have more images to work with.