Indiana Petrucci – Digi Op Talk Notes

  • Being an assistant is the quickest route to get into the industry area you want to work in
  • you learn a lot from working and assisting
  • advertising = £££
  • teamwork is very important

People who work together in this particular area of the industry

  • photographers
  • assistants
  • art directors
  • graphic designers
  • food stylists
  • prop stylists
  • writers

Benefits of working as an assistant

  • network of people
  • you get your foot in the door
  • no need to cold call
  • relationships with agents
  • portfolio critiques
  • learn a lot of skills on the job
  • get to use studio equipment


  • assistants are first to arrive and last to leave
  • start to work experience as soon as possible
  • look for internships and work experience
  • shadow photographers
  • shoot your own personal work
  • try new things
  • get involved
  • show people that you care
  • be alert
  • ask questions
  • always be helpful
  • show your ability
  • don’t give up!
  • make a list photographers, stylists & agents from the credits in magazines
  • payed more for being a digi-op
  • choose a photographer to assist that you like
  • do internships in the summer
  • average day rate for assistant is £100
  • average day rate for digi-op is £250

Tech Skills – Need to know

  • capture one
  • photoshop
  • lighting
  • kit knowledge
  • how to do different lighting setups

Good Places for equipment

  • pixi pixel
  • profoto
  • the flash centre
  • China & co
  • Car Boot Sales

24th Nov – Class Notes


Looking into creating website

Promote new posts on Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin

Digital capture fee

Studying Abroad

Video on YouTube

Study anywhere in Europe or New Zealand

Erasmus + – funding program

Work or study abroad

Four to five months (one term)

Do not need to pay tuition fees to host institution

Student Mobility Grant

Placement Mobility Grant

Five Bursaries available

New Zealand – scholarships available


Student Mobility – 13th Feb 2017

Placement Mobility 29th May 2017

Research countries, institutions/organisations


Mark up


Insurance Policy

7 per cent insurance charge

Pro insurance policy

£500-600 per year

Public Liability

Employers Liability

Mark up 20%


£1491 – 20% from last task


Editorial £150 – £350


Advertising £1500 – 2000

Rate for shooting and rate for pre production

Always day rates


Never give away your copyright

Capture One – Set up copyright

Small claims court

RPS Notes

Founded in 1853

Educational charity

Promotes photography

Complete task 6 DWB

Create invoice template




Jo-Anna Rohmann – Digi Op Talk Notes

Digi OP

  • Best routes into the industry
  • Build up contacts while
  • Get to know the equipment
  • Learn while doing the job
  • long hours
  • often late payments


  • make things run smoothly
  • there to help
  • service role, accommodating
  • don’t be late

Beginning of shoot

  • check equipment
  • make tea
  • keep set timing
  • sort music
  • catering
  • ask where things should be (setup)

End of shoot

  • turn lighting and equipment off
  • start packing up

Starting as a runner is easier

Role of an assistant

  • set up and control
  • make notes of setups (including all lighting)
  • power supply
  • ensure safety on set
  • general assistance
  • coordination of gear delivery and pick up

Role of a Digi Op

  • camera
  • backing up files constantly
  • troubleshoot
  • star ratings
  • export files
  • create styles
  • retouching
  • mood boards
  • calibration of printers and monitors
  • decide on location for digi station
  • set up mac and monitor
  • check space on mac
  • setup backup software
  • check and clean gear
  • empty batch que if needed
  • check if shots have changed (lighting)
  • double check data is backed up

– Take part in Phase One course in second year


  • intern/runner
  • studio assistant
  • rental house
  • full time assistant
  • freelance assistant
  • email CV and write a good cover letter
  • mention shots that you like
  • direct mail is better

get a liability insurance

Capture One – Industry Standard Software



Research – AnotherDigitalAssistant

Useful blog promoting Digi-Ops

Below are some tips and typical equipment and software used by some of the digi-ops form this site:

Top Tips

always carry  a bootable Backup drive and softwear updates on separate HD

back up onto 3 different makes of Hard Drive … from different production runs

Normal kit
Computer System, Tools & Utilities
MacBook Pro retina 16GB with Hybrid solid state drive
iMac 27in 32GB 5k

Mac Pro

2.7GHz 12-core with 30MB of L3 cache
64GB (4 x 16GB) of 1866MHz DDR3 ECC
1TB PCIe-based flash storage
Dual AMD FirePro D700 GPUs with 6GB of GDDR5 VRAM each

APC Battery Backup or hypermac)
Graphic tablet Wacom
G drive / lacie /Seagate / hitatchi 1TB- 20TB Bay
LEXAR USB 3.0 Card reader

Seaport sunshade case

Inovativ Cart 36″ Ranger

Digital Post-Processing Programs
capture one pro 8.1.1
Phocus 2.7  for hasselblad backs
Adobe Photoshop CC

and some other little programs we love

Photo Mechanic


and keep you desktop clean with no large data folders

store working files in the Shared Folder

20th Oct – Class Notes


  • sections for all units
  • post exhibition stuff in applicable units
  • post planning stuff
  • you can write in bullet points
  • use hashtags
  • use hot links
  • brainstorm/mind maps (scan or photo)
  • when running into problems talk to peers and tutors
  • videos and still (maybe vlog)
  • anything that inspires you
  • take photographs of setups
  • list equipment
  • don’t post project briefs
  • post outtakes, contact sheets, selections

Nadav Kander

The Nightwatch – Rembrandt

Beyond The Lens


Enter competitions

Sarah Moon

Library – 778 to 779

Photography Blogs


Kit List


6th Oct – Class Notes

Bruce Weber

Herb Ritz

Autograph Gallery

Norman Parkinson

Every Thursday – ES Magazine – commissions


  • online and offline sources
  • analyse photos that inspire you
  • books, films, publications, TV, Blogs etc.
  • SWOT analysis (always finish with this)

WordPress Account

Stanley Greene

Week 4 – Formative Assessment

  • WordPress must be up and running
  • Instagram workshop

Week 5 – Gallery Visits

Ellen Von Unwerth

Week 6 – Enhancement Week

Richard Everdon

Week 7 – Selling Your Skills

  • portfolios
  • pro bodies
  • copyright, your rights
  • agents

Week 8 – Business Knowledge

  • running a photoshoot

Week 9 – Business Knowledge

  • getting paid

Seamus Murphy

Week 10 – Hand in essay

  • powerpoint presentation in class
  • peer to peer feedback

Sarah Moon

Robert Mapplethorpe

Ask other photographers for help

Must have a website by the end of term 3

Make new instagram


AOP Awards

Capture One

Advertising Photography = pays a lot


  • Fashion
  • Documentary
  • Still Life
  • Social
  • Advertising
  • Editorial
  • Food

Go and see exhibitions

Photography Blogs

Photographers Who make Photo Films

  • Jimmy Chin
  • Chase Jarvis
  • Mura Masa

Online Workbooks


Vanity Fair