Sky Atlantic – TV Show Synopsis First Draft

Hive mind is a futuristic movie based on humans living in 2081. Their panet is called Hivey and their population is approxiamtly 10 million. People are differentiated by color in Hivey because of their local origin.

Hivey has been governed or ruled by the Bluetides for more than two decades. However, the Redors overthrew the Bluetides I the last election and the whole planet has been in chaos. The Redors are only using the precious stone for their own good. Other people are benefiting from it.

The precious stone is the strongest and most powerful item on the platnet. It can take and bring back lives at the same time. Whoever is in power is in full control of the precious stone. It was used to build the Hivey planet thousands of years ago and still as powerful as well.

Now the Bluetides and some civilians are planning on stealing the perilous stone in order to restore peace amongst the people. However, that won’t be easy. They need a helper and an insider.