Advertising – Class Notes

Billboard – Studio

  • above the line
  • InDesign layout
  • use overlay in capture one – make them transparent
  • create one image – use across 3 formats
  • square poster (showcase square)
  • 96 sheet
  • 48 sheet
  • can shoot colour or black and white
  • can change text to black or white (NO COLOUR)
  • sign off idea at the end of term one
  • after shot – apply image to 96 sheet for analysis – put on workbook
  • find minimum of 3 live billboard campaigns – add to workbok
  • Confessions of an advertising man by David Ogilvy
  • “must do it’s work in five seconds”

National Trust – Location

  • Advertising agency
  • Below the line
  • Major UK heritage management agency – look up similar organisations in other countries
  • 1 brochure – 7 Images
  • 4 Posters – (2 portraits and 2 landscapes)
  • Generate 31 Images
  • Each poster is one location
  • Can’t use same location for brochure and posters
  • Interior and exterior
  • England, Wales and Northern Island
  • Shoot in Week 6 – can shoot abroad
  • Minimum of 5 locations
  • Maximum of 11 Locations
  • Draw out imagery ideas onto templates
  • Be Bold, Do Something Different

Above the Line – More Visability

Below the Line – Not shown nationally

Tax is on fee, not expenses

Have a digital capture fee

50p per mile

Sundries – anything tat has temporary use on shoot

Charge for pocket drive (backup for agency/client)

1500 per day – billboard

800 per day – National trust

Drop Fee – keep copyright and ownership

Add – The client is fully responsible for all and any copyright issues

Above the Line/Below the line marketing

Below-the-line :

  • a strategy in which a product is promoted in media other than radio, television, billboards, print and film.
  • Media can include mail campaigns, catalogs etc, and targeted search engine marketing.
  • This advertising type tends to be less expensive than above the line marketing and more focused on a specific target audience

Above the line:

  • consists of advertising activities that have wide reach in terms of an audience
  • this is type of marketing uses communication to build the brand and inform the customers about the product
  •  use media such as media other than radio, television, billboards, print and film.


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