Product Photography Video


Picture Library – Presentation Feedback Notes

  • produce a small amount of good photos
  • look at copyright
  • pricing – how much for images – does this include all rights?
  • should we create an app
  • don’t infringe other people’s copyright – be transparent on website – say
  • how to provide service to products
  • don’t sell for huge amounts of money
  • production costs?
  • strong business model
  • focus on companies with small profile
  • not big corporate companies
  • mock ups on logo on logo and different ideas on branding
  • audience?
  • what the subject is?
  • target audience
  • group dynamics (roles)
  • timing (plan out what needs to be done by when)
  • production if images
  • keywords + tags for images, show how this works
  • social media
  • would customers buy the designs
  • 20th Nov – photos need to be uploaded
  • 29th Nov – presentation of website